No fuss easy set-up for all business sizes

The Central Hub specialises in providing a complete range of internet services, including domain name registration and renewals, security, hosting and email packages to suit both personal and business accounts, along with all aspects of design for the internet, from small bespoke online brochures to full database-driven e-commerce sites.

Expect a friendly service at a keen price.

We’ve gone Green!

All power consumed on our server is

100% renewable

Domain name registration and renewal

Finding your prefect domain name can be harder than you’d imagine and prone to disappoinment, especially when you realise your own brand name has already been snapped up.

The Central Hub can help you decide on the best domain name option for your website. We will register each domain in your name, ensuring you are the owner, and see to renewals, so you don’t lose your domain, all at cost price*.

This is a service for you, not a revenue stream for us.

So, before you rush off and buy your domain name in haste, call us first and avoid disappointment.

Contact us for all enquiries.

*Cost price, rounded up to the nearest pound.

Hosting your website

Finding a good home for your website is easy now that you’ve found us!

We offer our own UK-based server with cPanel access, email accounts, spam filters, MYSQL databases, SSL… in short, everything you need to be up and running online problem-free, and all at a price suited to your business size.

What’s more, all power consumed on our server is 100% renewable! No carbon credit off-setting or tree-planting schemes, proper 100% renewable electricity from the sun, wind and sea.

Plans start from as little as £40 a year. No hidden charges.

For feel-good hosting get in touch

Email without the spam

It sounds obvious, but no-one wants to be wasting their time ploughing through 100s of emails looking for anything that isn’t spam.

We can advise and set up POP and IMAP email accounts to best suit your business to a point where you don’t notice spam any more. Sound like a dream? It’s true! We know because we run our own email our way and never see spam in our inbox.

What’s more, we can insert email addresses onto your website that spam bots (automated processes that attempt to harvest email addresses for spamming purposes) can’t read, reducing unwanted mail and giving you more time to concentrate on genuine enquiries.

Our email package comes free with all hosting plans.

Contact us and kiss goodbye to spam.

Internet security

Do you have a WordPress site? Are you aware that hackers are constantly probing WordPress and other CMS sites to gain access and inject malicious code, either taking over your site or redirecting visitors to their own? If you’ve experienced hacking you’ll know the process to clean up your site can be time-consuming and costly, so what can be done to prevent this from happening?

The Chemistry Set has installed security software on all the WordPress sites managed and hosted on our server, which runs continuously in the background. It monitors attacks, attempts to insert malicious files and attempts to log in. It also checks all files for suspicious changes and sends out alerts when updates are available. Once configured, clients can elect to monitor and act on monthly reports themselves, keeping their site secure, or have The Chemistry Set manage the reports for a small fee.

Users are amazed by the amount of attacks that occur without their knowledge, all successfully blocked by the software. Keeping a site updated helps to prevent hacking, but implementing a good security package gives clients peace of mind.

A recent report shows one site has been subject to 1455 attacks from one IP address alone! And that’s just in one month!

Contact us to see if we can provide you with peace of mind.

Design services from The Chemistry Set

So you have the perfect domain name, you’re hosted on our 100% green server, your website is secure and spam is a thing of the past – what next?

The Chemistry Set offers a full design service, producing fully-responsive websites that look great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Clean design and intuitive navigation are at the heart of what we do and with 20 years experience behind us, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

If you think your website needs modernising, or could do with a spruce up, get in touch and we can discuss your needs and desires.

If you don’t have a website at all, then contact us in the first instance and let us design from scratch.

Contact for all design enquiries.