How to use the wpbakery block editor

Adding a portfolio project

wiki-portfolio-01 my templates
wiki-portfolio-02 select template
wiki-portfolio-03 edit text
wiki-portfolio-04 clone image

To add a new project go to: Portfolio > Add New Portfolio

  1. Add a Title
  2. Under WPBakery Page Builder, click on the Templates icon
  3. Select the ‘My Templates’ tab and add the ‘sallydove project template’
  4. Edit the Custom Heading block (project title)
  5. Edit the text block (project description)
  6. Add your first image to the Single Image block
  7. Clone that block and replace the image with the next one
  8. When you’re finished adding images, add a Featured image (bottom right)
  9. When you’re finished, click on ‘Publish’ and it will be added to the projects page